Value & Standards

Our Values

Sustainable Farming
We are small, family farmers. We use sustainable farming practices that improve the soil, increase bio-diversity, and are beneficial to our local community’s environment. We use conservation and preservation methods, which means that what is taken out of the environment is put back in, so land and resources such as water, soil, and fertility can be replenished and are available to future generations.
Humane Handling
Our animals are humanely treated from birth to harvest. We follow scientifically proven humane principles and also keep the “Spirit of Humane” in mind to actively improve their quality of life through the reduction of fear, discomfort and avoidable stressors. Animals routinely carry out their natural behaviors such as grazing, browsing, lactating and exploring their environment as appropriate to their species.
Pasture Raised Never Confined
Our livestock spend their days in the open air and sunshine grazing our lush, green pastures. Our young stock spend the majority of their time safe with their mothers within the protective flock learning to choose from a diverse forage menu much like the joy we experience at a well stocked salad bar.
Quality Of Life
We believe pasture-raised is absolutely, without a doubt, better for the animals, better for the environment, and better for your health…which is better for you! USDA defines “pasture raised-never confined” livestock as spending over 51% of their life on pasture. Our lambs and goats spend 90-100% of their life on pasture with optional shelter for inclement weather.

Our Standards

Our policies and standards were developed specifically for Browse and Grass Farmers members by Joe Regenstein, Ph.D. Dr Regenstein is an international consultant of food production and a professor of Food Science, at Cornell University. Oversight was provided by Temple Grandin, Ph.D. Dr. Grandin is a designer of livestock handling facilities and a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado and a well known advocate for humane treatment of livestock.